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Brief of 1st Level Components

Teacher Book

  • A special guide for the contemplation teacher teaching the curriculum in class. It consists of two educational units. The objectives of the units and lessons are based on the accumulative conceptual structure and are graded, from simple to complex, concrete to abstract and from the part to the whole.
  • The lessons are characterized by details and easy application. They are also planned in line with international curricula.
  • Each lesson has a good number of exciting activities where children may enjoy most. Their strategies are based on the Educational Contemplation Model, songs, stories, discussion, projects, problem solving, imaginative activities, games, drama, role playing, and artistic and exploratory activities.
  • Each lesson helps develop creative critical thinking and multiple-intelligences.

Teacher Book – Appendix

 A book that has work steps and special coloured pages so as to help the teacher apply the activities of the board and instill the lesson objectives. It also contains worksheets in which pupils can have their achievements recorded, develop their self-esteem and collectively interact with each other.

Love Series Stories

  • * Each level comprises stories whose aim is to promote faith and instill Allah’s love through contemplation worship. They also develop self-esteem in an accumulative serial structure narrated through the teacher’s book lessons.
  • * The love series stories are based on modern strategies that develop children’s creative critical thinking.
  • * They aim to encourage parents to take part in the curriculum objectives in an easy, entertaining way.
  • * Each story concludes with a sung song and extra (additional) exercises that help develop creative critical thinking.
1st Level Stories

1. I Am a Happy Child
2. I Am a Young Explorer
3. The Star of Piece
4. Contemplating on the Flowers’ Wings
5. I Wish I Were a Human
6. What Matters Most
7. Sparrows Laugh
8. Annoos in the Prayer-Niche

Pupil’s Book

* A book applied in class that attempts to introduce, reinforce and evaluate the lessons objectives.

* It teaches contemplation and develops creative thinking through pictures. It also comprises worksheets for copy and paste drills, drawing, projects, problem solving, behaviour evaluation, verbal expression activities in addition to pages of communicating with parents.

Cards of Allah’s Most Beautiful Names

Nicely attractive coloured carton cards each of which has a distinct design to make it easy to read by children. The teacher is to use them while contemplating. They help make the child attached to Allah’s Most Beautiful Names.

1st Level Songs

9 poems sung with distinctive melodies and easy to learn by heart that help reinforce the lessons objectives in an entertaining manner. They are available with music, and without music.

1st Level Posters

Posters that make the curriculum more enjoyable with Annoos and Basboos characters, and help the teacher introduce and evaluate the lesson objectives.

“How to detect the effect of LCWA on your child” Booklet

* A special booklet that activates the parents’ role and help achieve the lessons objectives.

* It introduces the parents to the major and minor goals of each lesson of the 1st Level.

* It provides them with practical tools for evaluating the influence on their child after each lesson of the 1st Level.

* It develops them educationally and helps them build their child’s character according to the curriculum objectives.

* It provides them with the bases of developing intelligence at home which, in turn, helps the child grasp the outcomes.

* It has a special bulletin of the damages and hazards resulted by electronic screens, and medical instructions regarding their usage.

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