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Be Introduced to “Let’s Contemplate with Annoos” Curriculum

What is “Let’s Contemplate with Annoos” curriculum?

An educational, creative and reflective curriculum whose aim is to build and develop the creative moral character that is able to contribute its part to human civilization by achieving the integrative development, i.e. spiritual, mental and behavioural development. The curriculum is based on a unique methodology that combines originality with modernity. Originality is simply manifested through contemplation, identity and moral values, whereas modernity is manifested through the latest theories and applications of our time that are concerned with brain building and multiple intelligences.

Scientific Theories

  • – Brain-based learning theory
  • – Self-esteem theory
  • – Emotional intelligence theory
  • – Barbara Clark’s creative model
  • – Multiple intelligences theory
  • – Critical and creative thinking
  • – Model of educational contemplation (innovated)

“LCWA” curriculum has been developed relying on the brain-based learning theory.

The curriculum was designed and developed to be completely compatible with brain-based learning and neurology. In other word, education should develop the pupil’s intelligence and self-esteem by providing him the environmental and mental incentives which, in turn, help from cerebral synapses.

In order to be formed, a cerebral synapse requires a positive environment in which the serotonin hormone (hormone of happiness) can be copiously secreted. By the time, the rich cortex grows more and more and eventually excretes moral and creative conduct.

The contemplation program builds the brain fully with its right and left sides by developing the multiple intelligences, creative and critical thinking, as well as spiritual and emotional intelligences. Such integrative development aims to help the pupil develop his abilities and self-motivation perfectly, and be creative and unique.

“LCWA” curriculum is a creative, affectional and spiral curriculum.

The curriculum’s objectives are distinguished by relying on the sentimental goals that are to be achieved through the lessons, and by utilising the strategies that develop creativity, thinking and intelligence.

The curriculum is also characterised by being spiral, accumulative and all overs six constructive levels. Through these levels, it develops the creative moral character by implanting the 7 creative traits and the 7 moral traits.

For all pupils, civilizational development resembles a bird that flies with two wings; the wing of creativity, and that of morality. If any wing got damaged or broken, the bird would not be able to fly.

Creative and moral traits the pupil will have gained by the time he concludes the program

Application at school

The curriculum is to be applied by allotting special lessons called “the contemplation lessons”. It is preferable to allot 25 minutes daily in the morning, or 2-3 lessons weekly, each is to be 45 minutes, so long as it is given in the morning time because pupils need a clear mind in order to reflect and contemplate.

The curriculum is to be taught by the class teacher in the kindergartens and primary grades, or by the Arabic/Islamic education course teacher in the international schools. A special teacher might be assigned to teach the curriculum too. However, it is not advisable because the teacher who teaches multiple subjects is usually closer to the pupil, friendlier, and abler to convey the moral values and detect the gifted pupils. Moreover, as a professional educator of creativity, he can develop other subjects by using “LCWA” strategies.

Positive environment and creative atmosphere

Teachers will be trained on creating the positive environment and creative atmosphere in class, and be provided with smart tools and criteria that help them do so. This, in turn, is to make sure the pupil will have fulfilled all desired objectives by the time he ends the course level.

The contemplation supervisor is a leader in the field of development who can make his school be the Future School.

The curriculum requires a qualified supervisor to manage application successfully. If the school has a large number of pupils, it will be better to assign more than one.

The school is to send its supervisor to attend the Contemplation Training Program in order to sustain the teachers and follow up Tafakkur Center with all what is new and developmental, he is also to keep the school administration up-to-date with all achievements and requirements sought by his team.

The supervisor follows up the teachers and helps them qualify to be real educators of the creative moral character.

See what applicants of LCWAC say; applicants of both Arabic and English edition

 Who reflects on the reality we are living, will sense some expectations of the future that is welcoming our upcoming generation!
We could see a big challenge to an identity that we honorably inherited since the beginning of creation, indeed it is a challenge  that targets the identity psychologically, spiritually, intellectually and morally!
But from amongst there a light of hope is born to break the walls of difficulty.. an new ideology and approach that gathers what the latest researches had come up to discover, along hand with our beautiful Islamic creed that we are proud of to raise that promising generation.
Here in the states as we face spiritual, technological and psychological challenges, we got to reach to a realization as days pass that this is the curriculum that we are looking for to fulfill our goal and stand up facing the world proudly.
It’s a complete, well established curriculum that quench our thirst to connect those children to Allah positively.. It speaks to all different personalities to face all kinds of challenges.
No matter how much I try to search deeper and attend talks or classes it all takes me back to what I have learnt from ustatha Maha Shehadeh whom we pray that she and all her staff of helpers will get the reward from Allah All Mighty.
It all makes me a stronger believer that this is what we need nowadays.
We used to talk about a past civilization, but with applying this curriculum we will build a civilization that the history will talk about for the generations to come.
As a principal and a Tafakkur supervisor, I can notice the difference between the students who were raised according to LCWAC for the past three years and who didn’t get the chance to go through it!
We are fortunate to know about LCWAC as it beats all the other Curriculums around it.
It’s a well established, protective and an elegant curriculum.
We cannot choose the right words to describe our gratitude as all will shrink in front of what you provide us with, but we can pray to Allah that He the All Generous will reward you on our behalf. 
Jazakom Allah khairan!  
Dana Jarrar /
Principal of Tafakkur school , California – USA
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